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Teachers' Section // Download Activities
eSafety kit activities which you can download and print for classes.
These activities are suitable for pupils aged 6-12.
  Topic Exercise Description Time Difficulty Download
  Security Picture game Match the pictures to the words 10’ Easy PDF
  Security Written Hide your email address from spammers 10’ Medium PDF
  Security Word game What can you only do online? 20’ Medium PDF
  Security Quiz Test your internet security at home 20’ Hard PDF
  Communication Quiz How private are these things? 10’ Medium PDF
  Communication Written Create a safe profile 20’ Medium PDF
  Communication Picture game Find out secret stuff from a picture 20’ Hard PDF
  Communication Word game Break the code - LOL! 20’ Hard PDF
  Communication Puzzle Emoticons 10’ Easy PDF
  Communication Golden Rules Communication golden rules 10’ Easy PDF
  Communication Quiz Test if you are a smart communicator 20’ Medium PDF
  Cyberbullying Written Give cyberbullies the red card 20’ Medium PDF
  Cyberbullying Quiz Cyberbullying quiz 20’ Medium PDF
  Cyberbullying Golden Rules Cyberbullying golden rules 10’ Easy PDF
  Entertainment Quiz Smart surfer quiz 20’ Medium PDF
  Entertainment Golden Rules Entertainment golden rules 10’ Easy PDF
  Download Certificate Family certificate - - PDF
  Download Situation cards Situation card game 30’ Easy PDF